Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kindle as a cookbook

I'm a Kindle owner for few months. My primary reason for having Kindle was to read technical books as I'm not keen on reading from the screen and most of them already came in electronic formats. It's working well. Moreover, I've almost completely abandoned reading blogs on the laptop in favor of Kindle, thanks to great tools like Calibre or Send-To-Kindle widgets. I'm also using Kindle to check my e-mail from bedroom etc.

These are really nice additional use cases for the reader. But there is one thing I do with my Kindle I'm most surprised about. We had a lot of recipes printed out, our collection grows quite fast and it was getting hard to find something there. Now, instead of printing the recipe we found on the web, we're just selecting it and sending it to Kindle using two-click Amazon's widget that is configured to deliver the documents directly to my Kindle, in readable and searchable format with proper title. On Kindle, I have a separate collection for recipes, what makes it easy to browse. And then in kitchen, recipes on Kindle are easy to read, search through and navigate. Have a try!

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