Saturday, February 13, 2016

Move along, nothing to see here

OK, that does it. It’s the high time to do something about this blog. I’ve let it rot here for too long, building myself a feeling of guilt for not writing regularly. That kind of online presence is not really a valuable asset at the moment, especially for someone aspiring to call himself a web developer, and that how I’d like to call myself today. The blog looks like and works like it’s 2010. But the bigger problem is that there’s nothing new to read here.

I was thinking about starting over, with the fresh look and feel and the new motivation to write. But actually it’s not the lack of motivation that made things like this. I just have to admit, there’s no way for me to keep the blog alive having two small children and a full time job while also trying to sleep enough and get at least a bit of free time. So the only thing I can do with this blog is to call it finished and go forward.

Thank you all, dear readers, for being here. During these over 4 years, there was more than 100k of you here. Most of you came here to read my 2011/12 series of posts about NHibernate’s then new mapping features - the summary post was read almost 50k times. These posts gave me a lot of satisfaction and tons of positive feedback. And it’s still the only comprehensive content in the web about that NHibernate features. But that’s probably because NHibernate is dead, as I wrote half a year later in a bit clickbaity-titled article that was also quite popular. The article that made the record number of visits during a single day was Computer Science fundamentals still hold true from 2014 - it generated 5093 sessions a single day.

The blog will not be updated anymore, but it will stay available. Closing it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be present in the web. I’ll still occasionally write posts at Bright’s blog. And I’m going to start a smaller form of blogging now. Starting yesterday, I’m going to tweet about the things I learned or find out each workday. So stay tuned and follow me on Twitter!